Carlisle Community Nursery School (CCNS) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, cooperative preschool licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We have been administered and operated by participating parents under the direction of trained and certified teachers for nearly 50 years.

     CCNS employs the teachers, equips the school, and maintains maximum membership completely within our annual budget.  Our annual Brain Building Fundraiser is also vital to our ability to operate.  Every year we get tremendous support from local businesses in the form of monetary and product donations.  We are happy to advertise for those businesses that sponsor CCNS on this website as a way to demonstrate our appreciation for your continued support. 

     Our goal at CCNS is to promote the social and intellectual growth of preschool children. We are invested in maintaining our longstanding, local reputation for kindergarten preparedness. We offer all the advantages of a typical preschool plus we offer valuable developmental experiences for both you and your child to share.  We pride ourselves on being family oriented and as such offer plenty of opportunities for you to be involved in your child's preschool experience.  Families also enjoy frequent and open communication with school administrators and instructors alike.  As a private preschool, we exercise the freedom to accommodate a variety of learning styles and have flexibility to work on individualized plans for students as necessary.