Leaping Lizards

Tuesdays and Thursdays

from 9am to 12 pm

This class is for children who are 3 years old or will be 3 by September 1st. 

The child to adult ratio is 1 to 5 with a max of 10 students in the class. This allows our certified teachers to meet the needs of our students. 

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Curriculum Overview

  • Zoo Phonics-  letter recognition
  • Numbers- recognition, one to one correspondence
  • Weekly Themes: Safety, Farm, Friendship, Fall, and many more.
  • Motion - small, gross and fine motor skills
  • Dramatic play, puppetry, and role playing
  • Science - observing nature, backyard science, weather
  • Self-help skills - zipping, buttoning, putting on coats
  • Animals/pets, plants
  • Social and emotional growth
  • Creative expression in art, music, and academics
  • Special units (utilizing the special talents of parents, and some just for fun)